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Pinecrest Earwarmer- A Free Pattern

The Pinecrest Earwarmer is the 3rd free pattern in my Pinecrest line. I designed it to go along with the Pinecrest Beanie and the Pinecrest Cowl. Make 2 or 3 of these patterns to make a great set for fall and winter. Since the stitches are larger, these patterns work up in a cinch, making them great for last minute gifts! The 2 colors repeat also allows you to really change up the look for different results. Continue reading Pinecrest Earwarmer- A Free Pattern


Back to School Sale and Giveaway!

I’ve come to the point in my life where I’m at a crossroad with my emotions. My little boy is starting his first year of school. He has been staying home with me every day since he was born. Should I feel happy and excited for him making this huge step in his life or do I feel sad because I will miss him throughout the day? Can I be both?I I know it will be such a drastic change for all of us, but overall I think he will really enjoy it and love this new environment! I’m choosing to be happy!  Continue reading Back to School Sale and Giveaway!

Pinecrest Beanie-A Free Pattern

Today is my day for the Christmas Hat CAL hosted by Katie of Salty Pearl Crochet and Heather of The Unraveled Mitten, and I am so excited about this new hat pattern! I was originally going to go with a different idea, but as I was looking through one of my stitch books, this wonderful triangle shaped stitch jumped out at me! I thought if made in green it would look just like pine trees. For the sake of the Christmas theme, I made 2 hats with the upward pointed triangles  in green: one with green and white, and one with green, white, and red. Both looked amazing! I also made another one for myself in gray and white. This hat was super fun to mix up colors with. I think any color combination would look great, making this not just a hat for the holidays.  Continue reading Pinecrest Beanie-A Free Pattern

Pinecrest Cowl-A Free Pattern


If you don’t know already, Salty Pearl Crochet and the Unraveled Mitten are hosting a Christmas Hat CAL! I’m one of the participating designers, and we were asked to possibly design matching accessories to our hats. After thinking for a bit I came to the conclusion that a cowl and earwarmer (future post) would be perfect matching items for this set! My beanie will go live on 8/8 with the earwarmer shortly after. Keep an eye out so you can make the whole set!  Continue reading Pinecrest Cowl-A Free Pattern

CLICK for Babies Newborn Beanie-A Free Pattern


If you are a parent, I know that you must be familiar with those heartwarming first moments after you bring your newborn home from the hospital..those moments when you look down into your baby’s eyes and know that your life is perfect…the times when the only thing that will put them to sleep is cuddling against your chest. You have tons work to do but you still stay put and enjoy those moments of pure joy.  Continue reading CLICK for Babies Newborn Beanie-A Free Pattern

Picking Posies Face Scrubby-A Free Pattern


When designing the Picking Posies Washcloth for the CAL Central Crochet Along, I ended up have plenty of yarn leftover to play with even after making 4 different washcloths. I thought it would be a great idea to make some matching face scrubbies to go with the washcloths! Putting the 2 together would make such a great set for gifts. You can find the matching washcloth pattern here. Continue reading Picking Posies Face Scrubby-A Free Pattern

Picking Posies Washcloth-A Free Pattern


I was so happy to be offered a slot in the most recent CAL Central Crochet-Along! Every Monday from June 18th through August 20th, 2018 several designers will share a new pattern for a free washcloth or dishcloth (to me they are the same thing but used in different rooms! hehe) For this CAL Cascade Yarns graciously provided the designers with yarn support, so all of the washcloth patterns are designed using Cascade Ultra Pima or Ultra Pima Paints. This was my first time working with this yarn, and I loved how smooth and soft it was. It worked up so wonderfully! Continue reading Picking Posies Washcloth-A Free Pattern

Crochet Mitten Drive-Faux Cabled Mittens

mitten charity drive graphic


Every Spring and Fall since Fall 2015 a group of designers have come together to design patterns that crocheters can easily make and donate to the charity or location of their choice. This fall 9 designers have joined together to design 10 different mitten patterns! I’ve included a list of the designers participating in this event at the end of my post along with the dates when you can expect their pattern to be available. Please come join our Charity Drive Facebook group to keep updated on all of the patterns and to share your finished makes! Continue reading Crochet Mitten Drive-Faux Cabled Mittens

Sheep Sensory Ball-A Free Pattern

crochet toy drive

I am happy to be joining the Crochet Charity Drive hosted by Sonya of Blackstone Designs again. Every season a group of designers get together and design patterns that they post for free on their blogs whether it be a forever free pattern or free for the entire season that that particular charity drive is active. The hopes of having them free is that people will use these patterns and then donate the finished items to a charity of their choosing. The theme this time was “Toys.”  Continue reading Sheep Sensory Ball-A Free Pattern