Divine Lotus Triangle Cowl-A Free Pattern


Christmas in July Make Along with Underground Crafter - square

It’s Christmas in July! Underground Crafter has organized another amazing Make Along with many other designers and crafters! What’s great about this Make Along is that not all project are crochet. There are a few knitting and sewing projects thrown in there as well for all you multicrafturals! 31 days and 31 free patterns to get you started on those holiday gifts. Continue reading Divine Lotus Triangle Cowl-A Free Pattern


Divine Lotus Wall Hanging-A Free Crochet Pattern

MMCAL graphic

I’m so excited to be part of the MMCAL hosted by Jennifer of A Crocheted Simplicity. I love the idea of CALS but don’t participate in many because of how long they last. Sometimes the time I have doesn’t match up with the timeline of the CAL, or I end up getting distracted by another project. What I love about these Mini-Mystery Crochet Alongs that Jennifer has started is that they are QUICK! A little bit of yarn and small pieces over 2-3 days and you’ve got yourself a nice little completed projected. I also believe that smaller projects help keep your crojo in check when you’ve been working on other projects, so if you ever feel like you are in a bit of crochet funk, go through one of her MMCALs on her blog and work your way through it! ❤ Continue reading Divine Lotus Wall Hanging-A Free Crochet Pattern

Valentine’s Day Countdown

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! Myself and 14 others designers have gotten together to bring you 15 free crochet patterns perfect for Valentine’s Day! From 1/28 through 2/11, you will find a code for a free pdf version of a pattern from one of the designers. Follow the link to Nicki’s Homemade Crafts’  Blog to find the code each day. She will be updating her blog every day at midnight with the code for the newest pattern!

Continue reading Valentine’s Day Countdown

Enlaced Underbrush Shrug-A Free Women’s Garment Pattern

I know that the holiday time can be stressful, especially for us crafters. We spend the last few months (or weeks if you are a procrastinator like I am) of the year cramming in last minute projects and gifts for others. I know that oftentimes projects that we want to make for ourselves get put on the back burner, sometimes never getting touched again. Let’s put ourselves first for a change, and start this year with making an item for US! Continue reading Enlaced Underbrush Shrug-A Free Women’s Garment Pattern

Shellegant Scarf-A Free Crochet Scarf Pattern

I always love a good play on words! The Shellegant Scarf is just as it sounds: Elegance with shells. The openness of the shells give a graceful look, and the diamond fringe at the ends of the scarf adds extra style to this simple scarf. Make this scarf in a solid color or jazz it up with 2 colors to add a fun color block look to your scarf. Continue reading Shellegant Scarf-A Free Crochet Scarf Pattern

Joelle Square-A Free 12 inch Afghan Square Pattern

I’m not a huge fan on making full on blankets. I much prefer smaller projects than give instant gratification. Hats are by far my favorite, however, I’m finding that I really enjoy making afghan squares as well! They are quicker projects than can still lead up to a blanket (if that is what you want) or so many other possible projects!

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Starburst Toddler Poncho Pocket and Embellishments-Crochet Designer Remix

I know you’ve done it before. We all have done it.. strayed from a pattern, added an extra embellishment for a bit more pizzazz, made something your own by changing colors or adding an extra special edging once you finished the main piece. It’s what we do. Sometimes strictly following a pattern isn’t enough, so we add onto it. It’s fun and rewarding to add your own flair on something that you are making. This is what the Designer Remix 2018 is all about! Continue reading Starburst Toddler Poncho Pocket and Embellishments-Crochet Designer Remix

Asper Beanie- A Free Pattern

The Holiday Stashdown is back again this year and is already several of weeks in! From September 3rd through December 10th, 15 different designers will be sharing a brand new free pattern with you all! I’ve been participating in the Holiday Stashdown CAL for a few years now. I always enjoy creating and designing for this event to help crocheters make gifts with the stash that the have on hand. This year, LoveCrochet generously provided the designers with yarn support, so all the designs for this event are made with Paintbox Yarns. For mine I chose Paintbox Simply DK in the colors Racing Green 127 and Granite Gray 106.  This yarn was wonderful to work it! It glided smoothly off of my hook and is very soft! I even have some extra yarn left and am excited to create another design with it! If you do not have this yarn you can use any weight #3 dk yarn that you have on hand.  Continue reading Asper Beanie- A Free Pattern

Pinecrest Earwarmer- A Free Pattern

The Pinecrest Earwarmer is the 3rd free pattern in my Pinecrest line. I designed it to go along with the Pinecrest Beanie and the Pinecrest Cowl. Make 2 or 3 of these patterns to make a great set for fall and winter. Since the stitches are larger, these patterns work up in a cinch, making them great for last minute gifts! The 2 colors repeat also allows you to really change up the look for different results. Continue reading Pinecrest Earwarmer- A Free Pattern