Caution to the Wind Scarf-A Free Pattern

Caution Collage

The Caution to the Wind scarf is a simple yet striking patterned scarf. The chevrons or arrows within the scarf reminded one of my testers of the caution arrowhead road signs. We played around with words and then this name came to me! I love this scarf and how easy it is to work up and memorize once you get going. Use a cotton yarn on this for the perfect spring or summer scarf that won’t cause you to sweat or make it with a light worsted weight acrylic yarn for a scarf that is still breathable but with give you some warmth in the cooler temperatures of fall or winter!

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Happy Little Elephant Applique-A Free Pattern

This Happy Little Elephant Applique came about on request from my son. His old sunhat was getting too little for him and he wanted a new one. His request: A blue sunhat with a red elephant! For 2.5 years old, the kid sure does know what he wants! So I sketched how I wanted the elephant to look, we went to Hobby Lobby to pick out his colors of cotton, and he helped me pick out a stitch for his hat. Continue reading Happy Little Elephant Applique-A Free Pattern

Aidan’s Sunhat Pattern Release!

Aidan's Sunhat Collage wm
Photo credit to Hollie Bobo, Betty Lewis, Shelia Claring, and Nondas Hensley

There was a time when my son absolutely hated wearing anything on his head. He would immediately yank any hat off his head within seconds of me putting it on him. Luckily, that time has passed and he now loves to wear hats. He has several that he will switch between for cooler weather, but he only had one sunhat. Being blonde, he has to wear something on his head or it will get burnt, especially with the amount of time he makes us spend at the park! Sadly, his super awesome snail sunhat that I made him last year was running a little small, so I asked him if he wanted a new one. Continue reading Aidan’s Sunhat Pattern Release!

Subtle Chevron Buttoned Beanie and Slouch-A Free Pattern

Photo credit to Sara Blake of Accessorize This by Sara Blake
This year has brought so many changes, opportunities, and possibilities for me! For starters, I have been asked to be a contributing designer for Cre8tion Crochet! This is my very first post/design for Lorene and I am very excited to be bringing it to you today. The Subtle Chevron Beanie and Slouch is a chevron lovers dream! You get the awesome look of chevrons without it taking forever to work up. This hat is such a quick work up you will be wanting to make tons of them! By changing colors on different rounds, you can get different looks every single time you make this hat. 

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Newborn Size Moose Hat- A Free Pattern

Awhile ago I introduced you all to a nifty little technique that I learned on how to make your yarn fuzzy. This hat was my example that I practiced it on and I loved  the end results. The fluffing of the yarn gave this little moose hat a more authentic look. As promised, I have this pattern now available to you for free. It is only newborn size as of right now, but if you are interested in larger sizes, please  comment below with the sizes you are interested in so I know what all I need to figure out! I hope that you all enjoy it!
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Lilla Rose Flexi Clip Review and Giveaway!

Hey all!! I wanted to take a little of your time and tell you a bit about Lilla Rose Hair Accessories, specifically the Flexi Clip. No I am not currently a consultant, but I am seriously in love with these clips! They are still relatively new to me, but I already use them almost every day and have found different and fun uses for them. Continue reading to learn more about these awesome clips and have a chance to win one of your own! Continue reading Lilla Rose Flexi Clip Review and Giveaway!

Mystery Lapghan CAL-Swirled Sun Square

I signed up to design a FREE pattern for a 6 inch square for the Mystery Lap-ghan CAL! I’ve teamed up with 28 other crochet designers to share 36 free crochet square patterns. This CAL started in September and it is now finally my turn! This is my first square that I ever designed, and I love it! The name of this square was based on the center of the square which looks like a swirled sun. I really hope that you all like it! Continue reading Mystery Lapghan CAL-Swirled Sun Square