Back to School Sale and Giveaway!

I’ve come to the point in my life where I’m at a crossroad with my emotions. My little boy is starting his first year of school. He has been staying home with me every day since he was born. Should I feel happy and excited for him making this huge step in his life or do I feel sad because I will miss him throughout the day? Can I be both?I I know it will be such a drastic change for all of us, but overall I think he will really enjoy it and love this new environment! I’m choosing to be happy! 

To celebrate this milestone and all the kids going back to school soon, KMT Creations and I have rounded up 5 other designers to have a big Back to School Sale and Giveaway!! Each designer will have a special sale of their own for you all (follow the links below to find their personal sale and giveaway post-posts will go live at 4pm est). There will also be a super incredible giveaway! 3 participants will have the chance to win 21 PREMIUM PATTERNS each, 3 per designer! How amazing is that?! Be sure that you comment on each designer’s  sale/giveaway post. Commenting on ALL of them is the only way to get entered to win 21 free patterns. 

Back to School Sale Graphic


WHEN: Thursday, August 9th through Thursday, August 16th


Sweet Potato Crochet Creations-

KMT Creations- 

Accessorize This Designs- 

Salty Pearl Crochet- 

Hillary’s Hook-

Blackstone Designs- 

Holly’s Hobbies- 

Winners will be chosen on 8/17/2018.

I hope you all enjoyed these sales and giveaways from us! Also, if you have children starting or going back to school I hope that this year is great for them! ❤


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