Aidan’s Sunhat Pattern Release!

Aidan's Sunhat Collage wm
Photo credit to Hollie Bobo, Betty Lewis, Shelia Claring, and Nondas Hensley

There was a time when my son absolutely hated wearing anything on his head. He would immediately yank any hat off his head within seconds of me putting it on him. Luckily, that time has passed and he now loves to wear hats. He has several that he will switch between for cooler weather, but he only had one sunhat. Being blonde, he has to wear something on his head or it will get burnt, especially with the amount of time he makes us spend at the park! Sadly, his super awesome snail sunhat that I made him last year was running a little small, so I asked him if he wanted a new one. Without hesitation he told me he wanted a blue hat with a red elephant (gotta be specific, right?) So we went to Hobby Lobby and he picked out his colors, I sketched up the elephant he had to have on the hat, and he went through my stitch book with me and picked out a stitch that he liked. Over all, this hat turned out super cute!! Even without the elephant, it is a fabulous sunhat with great texture. It looks great in variegated and solid yarns and even in stripes! So play around with the colors and get awesome results each time!

Here is my little guy in his hat, me in mine, and my soon to be daughter with her hat

I am releasing this pattern in conjunction with a Mommy and Me contest hosted by Articles of a Domestic Goddess. With sizes from baby all the way through adult, this hat is pretty perfect for a mommy and me hat! There are several other designers participating in this just for fun competition as well. Follow this link and vote for your favorite pattern! Voting runs from April 20th through April 30th!


Since this is a new pattern release, you know I have to have a great sale on it, so for the entire competition time I have it on sale for 50% off! No coupon code needed!! Just head on over to Ravelry and add it to your cart!

I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as my son and I do!!






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