Make your own fuzzy yarn!

If you have ever tried working with a fuzzy or thicker type of yarn like Homespun, you know that it can be extremely hard to work with. Are the results worth all the hassle? Not always. What I have recently discovered is that you can make a normal acrylic yarn fuzzy and still get that unique, furry look without having to deal with the difficult yarns.

Here is my most recent order that I made for a customer using completely normal worsted weight yarn. You can barely tell that a specialty yarn wasn’t used on it.

*I will be typing up the pattern for this baby moose hat in newborn size and will have it sent out to testers soon. It will be a free pattern on the blog!*

Moose hat collage

Here is what you need:

-Item made with 100% Acrylic yarn (other yarns will not hold up)

-Wire dog brush or flea comb

If you plan on washing the item, do so before brushing. This will make sure that that fuzz will lay properly. Once you have your item made, take the wire brush and brush on the yarn.  Brush in every direction to catch little bits of fiber to evenly spread the fuzziness on the item. You don’t want random “bald” spots. You can brush lightly to get a light peach-like fuzz on the top of the yarn or you can brush a little harder and for a longer time to make the stitches behind the fur/fuzz disappear completely. It really depends on the look you are going for! Just keep brushing until you are satisfied with the results!

This technique works really well for animal hats or even amigurumi. Use it to give that soft and fuzzy look to to any item you make!
** If adding embellishments such as buttons, add them on afterwards, so they do not get in the way when you are brushing. The x’s on the muzzle of the moose I added on after brushing as well keep them looking clean and crisp. Pieces like horns or antlers can be added before or after depending on the look you want. If adding them after brushing, they will have an authentic “sunken” look like how the fur grows around antlers of a real horned animal.
I hope you like this technique!

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