Twilight Horizon Hand and Shoulder Bag Release!

Twilight Horizon Collage wm
Photo credit to Hollie Bobo, Sara of Accessorize this by Sara Blake, and Betty Lewis.

Ever seen the sky as the sun is setting and low on the horizon with the stars just starting to peek through? Picture the lower section of this stitch being the sun and the puffs being the stars. The sky at this time is full of colors and is breathtaking. The Twilight Horizon Bag can be made in any color combination that you can think of and the stitch still pops! The 2 size options for this bag allow you to customize it to fit your needs. If you need to carry around your everyday items such as your phone, wallet, etc, the handbag is the right bag for you! However if you carry a little bit more around with you, the larger shoulder bag is perfect. It is great for diaper bag usage or for the beach! Worried about the bag handles stretching? Worry no more! These bag handles are made using a link technique that leaves them sturdy with no stretch as you roam about. They are also very comfy on the shoulders and do not dig into them.

I highly recommend lining this bag. It provides extra security for your items so they don’t slip through the small holes that the stitch has and also adds to the strength of the bag.

The Twilight Horizon Hand and Shoulder Bag is now available in my Ravelry Store and is on sale for 40% off through 8/4! No coupon is needed, just add the pattern to your cart and the price will drop 🙂

I’m also having a giveaway on my Facebook page for some copies of the pattern. I’d love for you all to come and participate! 



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