New patterns(s) in the making!

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you will know that I have been working with this super beautiful stitch! I found this stitch on and could not pass up working with it!! I did end up tweaking the pattern a bit to get more texture to it. The result is this:

10343480_699695266802914_2145531772178979236_nwmI’m in love with this stitch! I have so many ideas in my head of what I want to do with this, so there will definitely be a pattern line in the future. I currently have 2 patterns out to testers using this stitch, a bag and a scarf. I can share a picture of the bag with you right now!

This bag was tested by Betty Lewis, and she did such a wonderful job on it! The color choices are fantastic; they just scream fall to me!

wm 11703112_937353246322505_2126834378908832488_n

The bag pattern will have 2 bag options within it, one for a handbag, like pictured above, and a larger shoulder bag that can be used for the beach, a diaper bag, etc. I always love having options in patterns, so I figured so would you guys! I’ve also used a technique on the bag straps that gives a unique and fashionable look with little stretch at all.

I have a post on my Facebook page right now for people to suggest names for this bag! If you’d like to suggest a name and have a chance to win a free copy of this pattern when it is released, click HERE. 


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