New pattern releases: Princess and Queen Carapace Gloves

My business has been slowing down. Most people would probably get frustrated with this happening to them. However, I’ve been taking this time to put my creativity to good use, to sit down and actually bust some patterns out. I’ve had so many ideas in my head, and I simply cannot keep them all in there anymore.

Sure you can write them down on a “to-do” list, but mine rarely gets attention, so now that I have some time, if I have an idea, I try to at least start it, draw it out, or something to get motivated to work on it. Some ideas or designs can be more motivating than others. Recently I’ve designed 5 new patterns, all minus one have either been recently tested or are currently being tested by my wonderful testers. You have no idea how amazing it feels for me to make these patterns happen, make them come to life from one simple idea and to have my testers love them! I’ve been feeling so productive that I don’t even want to stop!

Princess collagewm
Photo credit to Emma Poeling of Cutie Patootie Booties ‘N More, Betty Lewis, and Sarah Murphy Collins of Sarah’s yarn crafts and things
Photo credit to Emma Poeling of Cutie Patootie Booties ‘n More

Here are 2 designs that are being released TODAY! The Princess and Queen Carapace Gloves. These gloves were actually made on a whim for my Step Mom over around Christmas time. I know, I know. That’s a pretty big gap between making them and having them tested. I was just never motivated to get them typed up. Once I got the adult versions done, I decided to make a pattern for a smaller version of these for child and toddler hands. I’m really happy with the results!. These gloves not only have great texture, they fit well around the hand allowing daily activities to continue while wearing them, including play time for the children. The gloves are non-bulky and light, so they can be year round accessories. Another great thing..They are REVERSIBLE!! 😀

A few of my testers worked these gloves up in Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable. The gloves look AMAZING in this yarn. If you’ve never worked with it, I highly recommend you try it!!

Photo credit to Darcy Johnson of Darcy's Crochet Creations
Photo credit to Darcy Johnson of Darcy’s Crochet Creations
Photo credit to Betty Lewis
Photo credit to Betty Lewis

The Princess Carapace Gloves and The Queen Carapace Gloves are live on Ravelry and are on sale for 50% off through Sunday, May 3rd at 11:59 EST. If you have the time, click the little heart button in the top right corner to show them some love. I know you all will love these patterns, and if you make them, I would love to see them!!


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