I Love This Wool: Naturals Review and Upcoming Pattern


I’ve recently had the chance to finally work with I Love This Wool: Naturals from Hobby Lobby. I was commissioned to make a hat for someone and the yarn color and type that he chose was Cocoa in I Love This Wool: Naturals. I’m a big fan of most of the I Love This Yarn brand from Hobby Lobby. The acrylic and cotton yarns are some of my favorite and the chunky yarns are great to work with as well.

I didn’t see a problem with this yarn, although I didn’t look at it in person, only online, but because I was a fan of Hobby Lobby yarn, I didn’t hesitate on getting it. The first thing I noticed about this yarn was that it was a tad scratchy. It is 100% wool, so I kind of expected that. No biggie. I could find a way of softening it a bit if the item was too scratchy in the end. I would have much rather used the normal I Love This Wool instead of the Naturals because it was a great deal softer, but what the customer wants, the customer gets. The normal I Love This Wool also didn’t have any colors similar to the Cocoa in the Naturals. I didn’t hate using this yarn, but I don’t think I would use it again unless for something non-apparel. I’ve gone and made you all a list of pros and cons of this yarn, just in case you have to or want to use it in the future.

**The pattern I designed using this yarn will be posted tomorrow. This yarn is not needed to make the item. You can use any worsted weight yarn.



  1. Great Natural/Neutral colors that can be used for many projects
  2. It was great for the price of it.
  3. Wasn’t too scratchy to be worn as a hat.
  4. Would be an awesome, cheap yarn to use for making drier balls.


  1. Is rather scratchy to the touch.
  2. Would not be a good yarn to use for more wearable items.
  3. Had little pieces of hair and straw stuck in it that I had to constantly pick out of it. (When they say “Natural,” they really mean it!!)
  4. The yarn split a little bit on me,

I hope this review helped you in some way or informed you about this type of yarn sufficiently. I plan to do reviews on new yarns that I used as I come by them, and will also be designing a pattern for each new yarn used, If you have any recommendations, please let me know! 😀


5 thoughts on “I Love This Wool: Naturals Review and Upcoming Pattern

      1. I am happy your enjoying it. I made a potholder and a dishcloth out of the cotton, and my dishwater turned blue and there was blue cotton lint all over the counter and my dishes. Why I threw all of their stuff out. I was making beanies for the homeless out of the acrylic….and I was afraid if they were laundered they may not hold up….beanies went right with the yarn…into the trash.


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